100% All Natural Organic lawn Application Service

Break Your Lawn’s Addiction to Synthetic Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Herbicides

Looking out our kitchen window one day, I watched our two children and dog playing on our lush, green lawn. But suddenly a knot hit my stomach. My children and dog were rolling in grass, which is treated with dangerous chemicals. These chemicals do get absorbed through our skin. I saw our dog grooming itself and licking it’s fur and paws.

Ever since that day, I dedicated myself to ridding our lawn with bags of chemicals and began my company using only chemical-free fertilizers and biological pest and disease control. I haven’t looked back. Fortunately it’s been many strong years of growth for this organic company called the “Organic Dutchman”, thanks to other homeowners who want to do the same.

 To many of them, just looking at the “Keep out of reach of children” labels on most pesticides and herbicides is reason enough to switch to organic lawn fertilization. I’m committed to helping other homeowners break their lawn’s addiction to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

The underlying philosophy behind organic lawn care is this: Healthy, chemical-free soil produces robust lawns that can virtually take care of themselves in the long run. After years of being flooded with chemicals to fend off grubs, eradicate weeds, and green up the turf, the natural capacity of the soil to perform these tasks itself has ceased operation. Cut it off from the chemicals cold turkey, and you’ll get things running again—naturally. And once the soil’s healthy, you might never have to deal with pesticides, herbicides, even fertilizers again.

 “That’s the thing about going organic, Not only do you get a nice, safe, healthy lawn, it is also a more sustainable one over the long term.” According to Eileen Gunn of Beyond Pesticides, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit group.

So think about it as you watch your kids and pets frolic on the backyard lawn

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